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Publié le 14 février 2020 | Mis à jour le 17 février 2020

Clandestine Philosophy : New Studies on Subversive Manuscripts in Early Modern Europe

Année de publication: juillet 2019

Clandestine Philosophy examines the circulation and consequences of 'clandestine philosophical manuscripts', a genre that flourished in the eighteenth century and included forbidden works such as erotic texts, political pamphlets, satires of court life and of the nobility, forbidden religious texts, and books about alchemy and the occult. The editors have brought together leading experts on the history of European philosophy to explore the circulation of radical ideas during the eighteenth century and the social, political, and cultural impact they had on eighteenth-century society.

Ouvrage sélectionné dans le cadre d'une initiative sur la science ouverte, téléchargeable librement et gratuitement au lien suivant : http://oapen.org/search?identifier=1007705

  • Éditeur
    University of Toronto Press
  • Auteur(s)

    Paganini, Gianni; Jacob, Margaret C.; Laursen, John Christian