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From Cartesian to Freudian Wars: New Approaches on Controversies

Le 31 mai 2018

European university Institute, Florence

Conférence dans le cadre des séminaire "Thinking Science at Large - Towards a Connected History of Science" organisé par Stephane Van Damme (EUI)


Controversies studies analyses widely process of closure, i.e. when disputes vanished and consensus emerged. However, what happens when a controversy does not stop being reborn?
Two historical cases allow to analyze not only a process of updating controversies, but also how historiography as a particular repertoire of discourse can itself contribute to activate it:
Whereas the first case study developed by Delphine Antoine Mahut in Descartes radical. Historicité d'un canon philosophique (forthcoming) aims at analyzing "Descartes Wars" from XVII° century to its reception in XIX° century in order to set out a theory of "possible narratives" in history of philosophy, the second case study developed by Samuel Lézé in Freud Wars. Un siècle de scandales (puf, 2017) aims at analyzing Freud critics from 1912 to now in order to discuss historical narratives as intellectual weapons within an historical anthropology of moral conflicts.

Cette conférence s'inscrit dans le cadre du projet BATTMAN du Labex COMOD

L'ensemble du programme des séminaires Thinking Science at Large - Towards a Connected History of Science" est disponible